The following example shows how you can detect the number of screens on a user’s system in Adobe AIR by using the static, read-only Screen.screens property.

From the documentation:

  • colorDepth - The color depth of this screen (expressed in number of bits).
  • visibleBounds - The visibleBounds of a screen excludes the task bar (and other docked desk bars) on Windows, and excludes the menu bar and, depending on system settings, the dock on Mac OS X.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- -->
<mx:WindowedApplication name="Screen_screens_test"
            private function init():void {
                var tmp:Screen;
                txt.htmlText = "<b>You have " + Screen.screens.length + " screens:</b>\n";
                for each (tmp in Screen.screens) {
                    txt.htmlText += "<li>width:" + tmp.visibleBounds.width + ", height:" + tmp.visibleBounds.height + ", colorDepth:" + tmp.colorDepth + "</li>";
    <mx:Text id="txt" width="300" />
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2 Responses to Detecting the number of screens on a users system in Adobe AIR

  1. Roy A Koch says:

    How do I know if adobe is installed and working properly?

    • Machiel Heinen says:

      sorry, but there is no way from flash/air to check if flash/air is correctly installed. Basicly, make a “hello world” app and run it to test or download a tested and working app from the adobe download section to test it out.

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